“National Catholic Health Care Week provides us with the opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude to all the remarkable individuals working in Catholic-based health care. They play a pivotal role, providing fundamental care to our province's health care system.

“This year’s theme, Signs of Hope, perfectly captures the invaluable contribution of Catholic health, offering words of blessing and optimism to individuals while recognizing and addressing the difficulties experienced in our communities.

“Health care providers in Catholic-based health facilities are instrumental in strengthening communities and delivering exceptional health care to all Albertans. The Covenant Health family consistently delivers compassionate care with integrity, reflecting the profound values of the Catholic faith – to love, serve and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

“In moments of challenge and uncertainty, Catholic health care providers and volunteers continuously answer the call to serve Albertans, embodying qualities of compassion, resilience and selflessness. Thank you for being the guardians of our well-being and for turning the darkest moments into rays of hope.”