“During the Second World War, unimaginable atrocities were committed by the Nazis against Jews throughout Europe. It is crucially important that we continue to solemnly remember one of the most heinous crimes in human history. International Holocaust Remembrance Day provides us that opportunity.

“We remember the six million Jewish women, men and children who were brutally executed because of their Jewish faith. We also honour Holocaust survivors who continue to tell their stories 79 years later, reminding us that we should never forget the atrocities of the past to prevent such horrors from happening again.

“In 2024, International Holocaust Remembrance Day is more important than ever. Only a few months ago, the Jewish community in Israel experienced the most devastating, targeted attacks against them since the Holocaust. In the aftermath of those attacks, antisemitism has increased at alarming rates around the world.

“It is our responsibility to continue to educate future generations about the dangerous effects of hatred and intolerance. In the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, the world proclaimed ‘Never Again’ in response to the Holocaust. Today, we must continue that refrain.

“In Alberta, there is simply no room for antisemitism and we must call it out when we see it. In Alberta, we believe that the words ‘Never Again’ are just as true today as they were 79 years ago.”