More than $72 million in support was distributed to small and medium-size businesses by the end of September 2023 under the program, which rewards Alberta businesses that invest in research and development with grants worth up to 20 per cent of qualifying expenditures. The grants in turn drive innovation, create jobs and contribute to the province’s economic growth. 

“Alberta’s government is pleased to continue supporting the Innovation Employment Grant, designed to support innovation, encourage research and development and create jobs in our province. This grant is instrumental in providing businesses with the financial support to hire and retain top talent, fostering innovation and driving economic growth, and is yet another example of the Alberta Advantage.” 

Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation

“I am pleased to see the impact of the Innovation Employment Grant program, which was a key recommendation from the Innovation Capital Working Group. Alberta is the most entrepreneurial place in Canada, and incentives like this to support research and development will continue to position the province as a competitive place for companies and entrepreneurs to unleash their innovative potential.” 

Adam Legge, president, Business Council of Alberta

The Innovation Employment Grant also promotes economic diversification by rewarding eligible research and development spending in all sectors of Alberta’s economy. The program complements the Job Creation Tax Cut by focusing on small and medium-size firms in the earlier stages of operation, when they might not yet be profitable.

Eligibility and application information can be found online. 

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