“Mentors do so much to help young people build confidence and develop the skills they need for a bright future. Many children in care are without role models, but having just one positive influence can give them a consistent sense of belonging when they most need to feel connected to their communities and put them on a path to making better, healthier life choices.

“Mentoring strengthens social skills, builds confidence and helps increase school attendance. Students benefit from becoming mentors themselves while supporting and guiding younger students through Career and Technology Studies mentoring credits and reading buddies. With the support of a mentor, young people are better able to stay focused in school, build promising careers and succeed despite challenging circumstances. Mentoring also fosters long-lasting relationships that will make a positive impact on both children and families for generations to come.

“Alberta’s government is proud to invest more than $1.3 million in mentoring each year, including $250,000 for the Alberta Mentorship Partnership, which works with school authorities and community organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and BGC Canada to connect mentors with young Albertans looking for long-term support and guidance.

“I want to thank the thousands of caring Albertans whose mentorship helps children and youth navigate every aspect of their lives. I encourage all Albertans to become mentors by volunteering in their schools, workplaces and communities.”