“Alberta’s government has closely monitored the Edmonton city council debate regarding a motion to declare a housing and homelessness ‘emergency.’

“It is disappointing that the City of Edmonton would choose to issue a performative declaration suggesting an emergency and implying a lack of response from our government.

“We were pleased to brief councillors earlier today on the action our government is taking in collaboration with Indigenous leaders to address the dangerous situation in encampments. We had hoped that the city would put aside performative measures and put Albertans first, but unfortunately that was not the case.

“It is important to clarify to Albertans that this motion does not have any legal implications, authority or binding force. The provincial government will continue to work with Grand Chief Cody Thomas, Chief Dale McFee of the Edmonton Police Service, as well as City of Edmonton employees to protect vulnerable Albertans.

“The fact that Edmonton’s city council made a non-binding motion is especially troubling because it devalues the word ‘emergency.’  When the word ‘emergency’ is used, Albertans are used to stepping up and taking action directly, while that is not the intention of this motion.

“I look forward to my Government of Alberta colleagues announcing our action plan and response in the coming days.”