“Today, the spirit, light and tradition of Christmas brightens millions of homes across Alberta.

“For Christians, today marks the celebration of the birth of Jesus, when God came to Earth in human form as the promised Messiah.

“Along with faith and tradition, Christmas can also be an opportunity to not only spend time with family and friends, but to focus on hope and charity.

“While many Albertans will gather to share delicious meals, exchange gifts and create cherished memories, many will go through this day alone. If you know someone who is struggling, alone or isolated, I encourage you to reach out to share the goodwill of Christmas. Everyone deserves to have a special day full of joy and peace and I want to thank the many charitable organizations, donors and volunteers who work so hard to ensure as many people as possible are able to celebrate the day.

“May this time bring warmth to our hearts and happiness to your homes.

“I wish you all a very merry Christmas.”