“It is very exciting to see Royal Helium Ltd. officially open their Steveville Helium Purification Facility northeast of Brooks in Princess. This investment is great news for our province as we continue to diversify our economy, pursue innovative technologies and grow our natural resources industry.

“Canada is currently the fifth-largest helium producer in the world, and Alberta is well-positioned to become a leader in Canadian helium production. Thanks to our unique geology, we have large helium reserves and that represents huge potential, especially when you consider that we also have the world’s largest consumer of helium just south of the border.

“It’s a testament to the knowledge, expertise and innovation in our province that this new facility has been designed, engineered and built in Alberta by Albertans. Moving forward, our skilled and experienced workforce will be able to use technology to drill wells and extract helium from deep underground.

“With a current global supply shortage, Alberta is positioned to deliver thanks to companies like Royal Helium Ltd. The Steveville helium plant will be critical in supporting ongoing helium industry development in Alberta and it will be a vital link in the worldwide helium supply chain.

“While the development of the helium industry in Alberta is in its early stages, the growth potential is high and the opportunities are obvious. Helium is a critical resource that plays a prominent role in the operation of medical imaging equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance, aerospace, defence and energy programs. It is also used in the manufacture of technology components like fibre optic cables and semiconductors.

“This is truly a homegrown win for jobs, our economy and the diversification of our province’s energy industry.”