“I am greatly encouraged by the success of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and other nations and subnational governments, at COP28 in pushing back against the voices of those obsessed with accelerating the phaseout of sustainable and affordable energy derived from abated oil and natural gas.

“We were gravely disappointed to see federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault and other radical activists continue to push an approach that would consign the world to energy poverty and economic stagnation by focusing only on ending all fossil fuel use.

“That extreme position was defeated at COP28 by a growing alliance of thoughtful world leaders that well understand we can indeed grow our economies, develop our natural resources and ensure energy and food security for the world while simultaneously reducing emissions through technology and multilateral cooperation.

“It was a national embarrassment to witness Minister Guilbeault at an international conference actively sabotaging the interests of Albertans and other Canadians by releasing a series of incoherent and illegal policy pronouncements that he and his government have absolutely no legal authority to impose upon the provinces of Canada.

“Although he ultimately failed in his ambitions to include language in the final COP28 agreement regarding the elimination of oil and gas production, Albertans will not forget his continued treachery against our province and millions of other Canadians. We once again call on the prime minister to replace this minister immediately, as he continues to damage Canada’s international reputation and sell out the interests and livelihoods of millions of Canadians with his misguided personal obsessions.

“Alberta will continue to further develop and implement our Emissions Reduction and Energy Development Plan as we demonstrate to the world how an energy-producing jurisdiction can simultaneously increase renewable and non-renewable energy production while achieving carbon neutrality through investments in new technologies.

“This is the Alberta Way. We once again invite Ottawa to align with Alberta’s approach rather than continue to act in violation of the Constitution and stand in the way of real environmental and economic progress.”