Alberta’s film and television industry has been steadily growing, providing good jobs to Albertans in that industry as well as in construction, tourism and hospitality. For every dollar of government support towards a production, the industry generates four dollars of investment back into the province. Since January 2020, the Alberta Made Production Grant has supported 106 productions with a combined total of $6.8 million, generating $26.7 million in spending across the province.

Budget 2023 doubled the Alberta Made Screen Industries Program to help meet the growing demand for Alberta-made productions. With 61 per cent of Alberta-made productions filming outside of Calgary or Edmonton, this investment is developing the critical film and television industry workforce across the province, helping productions big and small.

“We are so excited to see the growth of Alberta’s film and television industry, and we are looking to make it easier to grow by developing Alberta talent and expertise. Through the Alberta Made Screen Industries Program, we are creating jobs and sharing Alberta’s unique heritage on screens around the world.”

Tanya Fir, Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women

“Alberta’s government is committed to supporting filmmakers and productions of all sizes, ensuring there are opportunities for Albertans to showcase their talents and contribute to our vibrant film scene. Along with the Film and Television Tax Credit, which supports larger productions, the Alberta Made Screen Industries Program is a vital investment in our province's creative ecosystem.”

Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade

The increased budget means more support for Alberta-based productions that are a training ground for emerging talent in all areas of the industry through the Alberta Made Production Grant and its new Training and Mentorship Incentive. It also means more available funds for the popular Project/Script Development Grant, which is essential to getting new Alberta talent and content on the screen.

In the July 2023 intake of the Alberta Made Production Grant, 20 productions successfully applied for a combined total of $1.3 million, which will generate an estimated economic impact of $4.8 million, create 62 jobs, and allow the hiring of 34 trainees to learn 37 positions in more than 9,000 training hours.

“As an Edmonton filmmaker, I'm excited about Alberta's film growth, fuelled by diverse, independent productions. Minister Fir's support, through grants like the Alberta Made Production Grant, is a catalyst for this. 1844 Studios appreciates her ongoing support in building a vibrant film industry, pushing storytelling boundaries, and championing underserved voices."

Nauzanin Knight, producer, 1844 Studios

“The Post Production Grant program is a ‘made-in-Alberta’ program and is a game changer to the post-production industry. The more productions supported, the more post-production that happens locally, employing and retaining well-trained post-production professionals, keeping them in Alberta."

Mark Wood, co-owner and general manager, Studio Post

“Alberta film and TV producers are fortunate to be able to tap into the Alberta Made Screen Industries Program to supplement our support for Alberta creatives and crew. The Alberta government’s investment is a catalyst for the 4-to-1 economic impact of our industry throughout the province. We appreciate the continued support of Minister Fir and the Alberta Film Commission office’s willingness to proactively engage stakeholders to ensure resources are efficiently deployed.”

Don Depoe, president and producer, Dept.9 Studios

Quick facts

  • Since January 2020, the Alberta Made Screen Industries Program has awarded $12.7 million in its three streams to help grow the film and television industry in the province.
  • The Alberta Made Screen Industries Program consists of:
    • The Alberta Made Production Grant, which supports smaller productions that do not qualify for the Film and Television Tax Credit, covering 25 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum of $125,000.
      • The Training and Mentorship Incentive provides up to $35,000 per project to support mentorship and on-set crew development.
    • The Project/Script Development Grant, which supports Alberta writers, directors and producers to develop professional, commercial-ready projects and scripts.
      • So far in 2023-24, 59 projects successfully applied for a combined total of $1 million through the grant.
    • The Post-Production, Visual Effects and Digital Animation Grant, which supports jobs in Alberta post-production companies, keeping post-production work and the entire film and television production cycle in the province.
      • So far in 2023-24, 76 post-production applications received close to half a million ($485,638) through the grant.

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