“This announced de facto production cap on Alberta’s oil and gas sector amounts to an intentional attack by the federal government on the economy of Alberta and the financial well-being of millions of Albertans and Canadians.

“Alberta owns our resources, and under the Constitution we have the exclusive jurisdiction to develop and manage them. We have done so responsibly by setting a price on carbon as far back as 2007, developing a carbon offset and trading program (TIER), investing billions in commercial scale carbon capture, creating an innovation fund that has so far supported 260 emissions-reducing projects with $2.6 billion in grants, and by establishing a clear framework for reaching carbon neutrality across our entire economy by 2050.

“With their pronouncement singling out the oil and gas sector alone for punitive federal treatment, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his eco-extremist Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault are risking hundreds of billions of dollars of investments in Alberta’s and Canada’s economies and core social programs, are devaluing the retirement investments of millions of Canadians, and are threatening the jobs of hundreds of thousands of Albertans.

“Ironically, they are also significantly undercutting global emissions-reduction efforts by effectively deincentivizing capital investment by the oil and gas sector in the emissions-reducing technologies and fuels the world needs Alberta to develop and share.

“This proposed cap also undermines the unity of our country. Albertans will not tolerate it. Our province is simply done with what amounts to a steady stream of economic sanctions and punitive measures thrown upon our citizens and businesses to intentionally damage their livelihoods and the economic engine that disproportionally powers our national economy and the programs that Canadians rely on.

“Over the coming months, our cabinet and caucus will develop a constitutional shield in response to this and other recent attacks on our province by what is fast becoming one of the most damaging federal administrations in Canadian history.

“Alberta will continue implementing our Emissions Reduction and Energy Development Plan to achieve a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 through a combination of investments in emission-reducing technologies combined with practical emission offsets, all while continuing the development of Alberta’s world-class natural energy resources for Canada and the world.

“The federal government must stay out of our province’s constitutional jurisdiction and instead work with us to align their emissions-reduction efforts with our effective made-in-Alberta plan.”