“As Hanukkah’s eight days begin, I would like to send my best wishes to Alberta’s Jewish community.

“One of the most widely observed Jewish holidays, Hanukkah for many occurs during the year’s coldest and shortest days. But Hannukah reminds us that when it is most dark is when light is about to be seen, and that the oil that was supposed to last one day – a small light of hope – miraculously lasted for eight days. And that glow gives us hope and reminds us to reach out to others and brighten their lives.

“This year, Hanukkah celebrations for many Jewish families will not be as bright and celebratory. For all those struggling and mourning, we hope that the opportunity to join with family, friends and community helps overcome some of that darkness. And we wish you all a future of light, love, peace and security.”

“Chag Hanukkah sameach!”