From June 16 to June 23, the communities of Edson, Whitecourt, Yellowhead County and Woodlands County experienced severe flooding due to heavy rainfall and spring runoff. Through the province’s Disaster Recovery Program, funding is available to help residents, businesses and communities rebuild.

Municipalities have already applied for and been approved for funding. Now, residents and business owners can submit applications for disaster financial assistance for help with uninsurable costs incurred from flood-related damage to homes and property.

“This past hazard season was among the worst in Alberta’s history, as a provincewide state of emergency was declared for the first time in Alberta’s history. We know the damage from the flooding this spring has been destructive for these communities. Alberta’s government is here to provide support with disaster financial assistance that will provide some relief and make a positive difference for affected Albertans and their families.”

Mike Ellis, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services

Alberta’s Disaster Recovery Program helps communities recover from undue hardship due to an extraordinary disaster. To be considered extraordinary, the disaster must meet certain criteria, such as exceeding a one-in-25-year precipitation level in an urban area or a one-in-100-year stream flow for watercourses. Costs are split 90-10 between the Government of Alberta and community and individual applicants.

“One of Alberta’s greatest strengths is how we pull together in a crisis. Through the strong collaboration between municipalities and the province, we are able to respond effectively during an emergency and work together to help Albertans and their communities recover from disasters.”

Ric Mclver, Minister of Municipal Affairs

“After a tumultuous spring that affected many communities across West Yellowhead, I am grateful that our government has provided this funding to help communities and residents begin to repair, rebuild and recover what was damaged or lost.”

Martin Long, MLA for West Yellowhead

Eligible expenses that may be covered could include uninsurable damages to infrastructure and public property, costs incurred during emergency operations like reception centre accommodation, food and transportation, and cleanup costs including repairs and damage to people's homes. This financial assistance will also help communities recoup costs associated with the response, cleanup and rebuilding efforts. Only uninsurable costs are eligible for funding under this disaster recovery program.

Homeowners, small business owners, tenants, landlords, not-for-profit institutions or agricultural operations within the Town of Edson, Town of Whitecourt, Yellowhead County and Woodlands County have until Feb. 26, 2024, to submit their Disaster Recovery Program applications.

“With this financial support, the Town of Edson will have the ability to further address critical storm and sanitary sewer repairs that are needed. I'd like to thank Alberta Emergency Management Agency staff, MLA Martin Long, Minister Ellis and Minister McIver for their unwavering support throughout and following the flooding emergency."

Kevin Zahara, mayor, Town of Edson

“Whitecourt appreciates this provincial support, which will be used to repair critical infrastructure and allow local businesses and residents to recoup losses for uninsurable property damage.”

Tom Pickard, mayor, Town of Whitecourt

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