Alberta’s tourism industry supports jobs across the province while showcasing the unique experiences and welcoming hospitality that attracts visitors from around the world. Alberta saw $10.7 billion in tourism spending in 2022 – up $600 million from 2019 levels – returning spending to pre-pandemic levels two years ahead of schedule.

“The tourism industry's comeback has wide-reaching benefits across the province. Thanks to the unwavering support of our visitors, the dedication of our industry partners and the resilience of our destinations and operators, Alberta’s tourism industry is recovering faster than expected.”

Joseph Schow, Minister of Tourism and Sport

In 2021, Travel Alberta launched a three-year tourism strategy, known as the Bootstrap Plan, centred around three pillars: marketing, air access and destination development. The goal of the Bootstrap Plan was to have the visitor economy recover and return to pre-pandemic revenues by 2024. 

“The recovery and growth of Alberta’s visitor economy motivates everything we do, and we are encouraged to see that the tourism industry is bouncing back strongly. Travel Alberta is proud to play a part in driving economic growth, job creation and the revitalization of industries that depend on tourism across Alberta, and we are committed to continue working with businesses to propel its growth.”

Jon Mamela, chief commercial officer, Travel Alberta

As part of Alberta’s tourism recovery plan, Travel Alberta’s budget was increased in 2023 from $63 million to $72 million over three years. These additional investments will help Travel Alberta continue to support businesses, drive growth, create jobs and sustain Alberta’s visitor economy now and in the future.

“The accelerated recovery of Alberta’s visitor economy did not happen by accident, rather as a result of a disciplined, performance-driven plan to support tourism market investment and recovery. This helps to demonstrate that every dollar invested in tourism contributes to job creation and further diversification of the provincial economy.”

Darren Reeder, president and chief executive officer, Tourism Industry Association of Alberta

Alberta’s visitor economy is important to the economic well-being of the province. The tourism industry encompasses many diverse jobs and industries, including food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, accommodations and transportation, and travel services.