Going to court allows Albertans to resolve their legal disputes fairly. Court cases can be time-consuming and expensive, however, which is why Alberta’s government is amending the Alberta Rules of Court regulation to replace a seldom used summary trial process for civil and family matters in the Court of King’s Bench with a new streamlined trial process. The new process was developed based on recommendations from the Alberta Rules of Court Committee.

Streamlined trials will protect Albertans’ right to a fair trial while offering a simplified process for civil or family cases where the issue can be resolved without lengthier regular or jury trial processes.

A streamlined trial differs from other forms of trial by relying primarily on written evidence rather than oral evidence. Parties have a joint responsibility to prepare materials for the court that identify the real issues in dispute and agree on the relevant and material facts and records. This will help create a more efficient process and reduce time spent in the courtroom.

“Alberta’s government is committed to making the justice system more affordable and accessible. With streamlined trials, Albertans will have an easier and faster experience when resolving civil or family legal disputes.”

Mickey Amery, Minister of Justice and Attorney General

The amendment to the Alberta Rules of Court will take effect on Jan. 1, 2024.

Once in effect, any parties involved in a civil or family case in the Court of King’s Bench may apply for a streamlined trial, or the court may decide a streamlined trial is the best option. The court may decide to proceed with a streamlined trial based on whether the matter can be resolved fairly, the complexity of the issues, the financial amounts involved and the court resources available.

Quick facts

  • The new streamlined trial process will be a third mode of trial in addition to regular trial and trial by jury.