Albertans elect government members to make decisions in the best interests of the public after receiving advice from officials and experts. If passed, Bill 6, the Public Health Amendment Act, would ensure that decisions made during declared states of public health emergencies are made by the people Albertans voted for. This ensures that the elected officials who make decisions are ultimately held accountable, bringing the legislation in line with July’s Ingram court decision, which found public health orders during the COVID-19 pandemic did not follow legislation.

“Elected officials have a responsibility to act in the best interests of Albertans and swear an oath to duly and faithfully execute the powers and trust imparted. This legislation ensures that final
decision-making authority and the accountability that must come with it rest with those entrusted by Albertans.”

Mickey Amery, Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Quick facts

  • The Public Health Act outlines the duties of the chief medical officer of health, the deputy chief medical officer of health, medical officers of health and public health inspectors. It also addresses the treatment of communicable diseases, the management of environmental hazards, the management of epidemics and the response to public health emergencies.
  • The Public Health Act also provides the tools to mitigate impacts when a public health issue, outbreak or other emergency occurs. This could include things like boil water orders, closure orders and work orders.

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