“Family violence and abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere, and it’s up to all of us to keep our family members, friends and communities safe.

“Alberta’s government is supporting those experiencing family violence by investing in supports and services so they have a safe place to turn to, including increasing funding for women’s shelters and sexual assault centres across the province and implementing prevention strategies to put an end to family violence.

“Family violence is a societal issue demanding a collaborative response. I encourage all Albertans to learn what the warning signs look like and how to speak up safely for yourself and others. Together, we can be part of the solution.”

Searle Turton, Minister of Children and Family Services

“Women and girls disproportionately face gender-based violence and that's why Alberta’s government is dedicated to stopping violence in all it's forms and supporting survivors. 

“We are creating a 10-year strategic plan to end gender-based violence within Alberta that will secure a brighter and safer future for Alberta’s women and girls.

“To help develop this strategic plan, Alberta’s government successfully negotiated a bilateral funding agreement with the federal government that will aid community organizations supporting women and girls and will help address critical gaps within already established community and government services.”

Tanya Fir, Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women

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