“November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and my thoughts are with those brave Albertans who are facing this challenging diagnosis.  

“Regular screening can significantly reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer by almost 25 per cent. That’s why we are expanding access to the Alberta Health Services Lung Cancer Screening Program to eligible individuals by offering a self-referral option to anyone who meets all screening eligibility criteria.

“Early detection, before symptoms appear, greatly improves the effectiveness of treatment.

“Albertans aged 50 to 74 who currently smoke cigarettes or quit after smoking for many years can contact the Alberta Lung Cancer Screening Program directly at 1-866-727-3926 to see if they’re eligible to participate in lung cancer screening.

“The program has 3,000 total spaces up to March 2024 and participation is available on a first eligible, first accepted basis.

“For those considering or ready to quit smoking, Alberta Quits provides free personalized support, information and inspiration to help you plan, cope and succeed.”

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