“Every child has the right to be free from all forms of abuse, and no child should ever feel alone when abuse does happen. Child Abuse Prevention Month is so important in encouraging Albertans to learn the warning signs and speak up bravely to keep kids safe year-round.

“We are committed to making sure all children and youth in this province are protected and supported. We count on all of you – family members, community leaders, Elders and caring professionals – to look out for young people.

“If you suspect abuse is happening, don’t hesitate. Children at risk cannot and should not need to wait for help. Call the confidential, 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-387-KIDS (5447). You can also bring your concerns to the police or the nearest Children and Family Services office.

“I also want to honour the invaluable work of Alberta’s child advocacy centres, whose partnership is vital in supporting vulnerable kids and their families. These centres give those who have experienced child abuse a calm, compassionate and welcoming place to tell their stories and move toward healing.

“Every one of us is responsible for making Alberta a safe place to grow up and live. We all have the responsibility to prevent child abuse and report it when we have concerns. Together, we can assure the kids in our lives that they can talk to us about the hard stuff – that we’re listening, we believe them and we’re here to help.”