“Every year, on the fourth Monday of September, we mark Apprenticeship Day in Alberta. Apprenticeship Day is an opportunity to celebrate the value of on-the-job education and the contributions of post-secondary apprenticeship students, instructors and providers to our province.

“We recognize that apprenticeship learning has equal merit and worth to other forms of post-secondary education, and Apprenticeship Day enables us to highlight the incredible diversity of options available in the skilled trades for Albertans seeking a rewarding and well-paying career.

“More than 45,200 students registered in post-secondary apprenticeship programs in 2022, including a growing number of women and Indigenous people. Each of these students is discovering exciting pathways to employment and is helping to rejuvenate and diversify Alberta’s workforce while providing the crucial skills our economy needs for the future.”

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Advanced Education

“Today, we recognize the tremendous value of apprenticeship education and the contributions of skilled tradespeople across the province.

“Apprenticeship programs have a proven track record of producing skilled workers who are ready to contribute to Alberta’s diverse industries. Apprenticeship education provides students with invaluable hands-on experience and skills that are in high demand in Alberta’s dynamic job market. By enhancing existing apprenticeship and career education opportunities in Alberta’s K-12 education system, we can prepare students for rewarding careers and future success.

“This Apprenticeship Day, I’d like to thank the many educators, mentors and industry partners who make apprenticeship education possible in Alberta schools. You play a vital role in shaping the future workforce and contributing to the growth and prosperity of our great province.”

Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Education