“As Alberta’s minister of energy and minerals, I am proud to welcome the World Petroleum Congress to Calgary. Alberta’s government warmly welcomes the participating delegates from around the world to this important global conference, which is held every three years.

“Alberta is Canada’s energy province. Oil and gas will continue to be a major part of the world’s energy mix for decades to come. I believe more than ever that our province can help shape the global energy future and that is why I am delighted that we will be able to host so many global energy leaders in Calgary. We all know the importance of reaching carbon neutrality and we are all running as fast as we can to get there. Alberta is committed to cutting emissions while keeping energy secure and affordable.

“Alberta’s energy sector is leading the way. More than 11.5 million tonnes of CO2 have already been safely stored underground in Alberta carbon capture projects. Our oil and gas industry has invested billions in emissions reduction and is actively commercializing their technologies across the province. Our hydrogen, natural gas, critical mineral, petrochemical and renewable energy opportunities all continue to attract attention and investment.

“Alberta is future-focused. We are creating the conditions for a diverse energy mix through technological innovation and our greatest resource, our people, who have the expertise and skills to support global demand for energy and emerging technologies.

“Through strong collaboration and meaningful partnerships, Alberta will continue to be an energy leader on the world stage. We will continue to be a reliable partner for others looking to build a low-carbon energy future and achieve better environmental outcomes. Our province welcomes any and all partnerships to develop the new infrastructure and supply chains needed to support future energy technologies. An investment in Alberta energy is an investment in the world’s energy future.

“Great things are happening here right now, and I can assure you this momentum will continue. I look forward to attending the conference, participating on discussion panels and engaging with as many of the delegates as I can over the next few days.”