“Alberta’s job numbers continue to tell an exciting economic story as more people build a future and find great jobs in Alberta. In August, 17,700 additional Albertans found employment, with an increase of 99,100 employed Albertans since August of last year. The unemployment rate is 5.7 per cent while the number of full-time jobs is 2.1 million and full-time employment fuels job growth across sectors.

“The programs and policies Alberta’s government have created mean businesses keep growing and major companies like Coca-Cola, Teknol and Flair Airlines are choosing to invest here, creating exciting job opportunities for Albertans in a range of sectors. Strong employment means more families can count on regular paycheques.

“Our efforts to make life more affordable are working. Alberta’s inflation rate has generally been below the national average – while average weekly earnings are seven per cent higher than the national average.

“Long term, the employment trends are favourable too. In the last 12 months, Alberta’s employment has grown by 4.1 per cent, above the national average of 2.5 per cent.

“Alberta’s government will continue to create an investment-friendly environment that encourages new employment growth and ensures Albertans can count on good jobs for years to come.”

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