“Alberta has deep ties with Ukraine and its people. For generations, Ukrainian immigrants have come to Alberta seeking to build a better life for their families. The first Ukrainian immigrants arrived in Alberta in 1891. Today, there are almost 370,000 Albertans who are Ukrainian or of Ukrainian descent.

“Throughout the years, Ukrainian settlers and their descendants have built thriving communities and have made valuable contributions to the multicultural fabric of our province.

“I hope all Albertans take this day to express their solidarity with Ukraine and celebrate Ukrainian heritage in our province.”

Muhammad Yaseen, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism

“Ukrainians have been enriching the cultural fabric of Alberta for years, and today is a day to celebrate their contributions to our province. I encourage all Albertans to help celebrate and uplift the beautiful culture of Ukraine and stand in solidarity against oppressors of their culture and way of life.”

Tanya Fir, Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women

“It saddens me that once again on Ukrainian-Canadian Heritage Day we must acknowledge the continuation of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

“Millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homeland due to Russia’s illegal invasion. I am proud that Alberta continues to be a beacon of hope for the more than 40,000 Ukrainian evacuees choosing to find refuge in our province.

“Today, we not only celebrate the contributions of Ukrainian-Canadians to Alberta but also express our province’s solidarity with Ukraine, its people and with all Albertans of Ukrainian heritage.”

Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, parliamentary secretary for Settlement Services and Ukrainian Evacuees