“I am pleased that the ILWU and the B.C. Maritime Employers Association have reached an agreement. This decision puts an end to the disruptions and uncertainty that have been impacting supply chains in Alberta and across the country since strike action was first initiated July 1, 2023.

 “As a land-locked province, Alberta relies on the safe, dependable movement of goods to and from British Columbia ports. Now that an agreement has been reached, work can fully resume at the B.C. ports, allowing Alberta’s producers, exporters and small companies to get back to business.

“We appreciate both sides working to resolve this issue and are pleased that work is again underway, helping to restore the critical supply chains and the economies of Alberta and Canada, and our country’s reputation as a reliable trading partner.”

“We urge the Federal Government to bring forward mechanisms that provide more stability and predictability in the segments of Canada’s supply chain within its jurisdiction.  Class 1 rail, ports, and airports are critical pieces of infrastructure and we cannot afford these sorts of disruptions to our province.”