In her letter, the Premier outlines her expectations that government be creative, innovative, and collaborative in ensuring Albertans have the supports they need and tasks Minister Nixon with:

  • As lead, working in cooperation with relevant ministries, including the Minister of Affordability and Utilities, to develop and implement an affordable and attainable home ownership and rental strategy that focuses on incentivizing the construction of new homes and rental units and creating additional financing options for prospective homeowners, while removing barriers for both homebuyers and renters. The strategy should be focused on both middle-income and low-income prospective renters and buyers, including seniors. 
  • Exploring the feasibility of a “short-term disability” program to better facilitate, where medically appropriate, the return of Albertans to work when medically able to do so.
  • Ensuring supports for the vulnerable, including AISH and the seniors’ benefit, continue to be indexed to inflation.
  • Ensuring those with severe disabilities have seamless support from first diagnosis through childhood and adulthood without interruption of needed supports.
  • Working with the federal government and municipalities to ensure housing-related programs align with the housing needs of Albertans.
  • Continuing to implement Stronger Foundations, Alberta’s 10-year strategy to address affordable housing across the province. 
  • Providing adequate ongoing funding to food banks and other operators to ensure families have access to nutritional food in times of need.
  • Ensuring adequate funding is provided to partners to ensure low-income Albertans can access municipal transit at lower prices.
  • Working with seniors lodge providers to undergo a planned review for the purpose of expanding seniors lodges and facilities to keep up with increased growth and demand.
  • Ensuring the Office of the Public Guardian is funded appropriately to support aging seniors who become mentally or physically unable to make personal decisions for themselves.
  • Working with the Minister of Mental Health and Addiction, who is lead, to align the policies of your ministry with the Alberta model recovery-oriented system of care.
  • Designing a ministry-specific job-attraction strategy that raises awareness for young Albertans (aged 16 to 24) and adults changing careers of the professions available in the seniors and community supports sector, including pathways for education and training.

“I am honoured to receive this mandate from the Premier to strengthen our systems of support for Albertans. I am eager to develop policies and initiatives that build affordable housing, support services for people with disabilities, make life better for seniors, and address the needs of all Albertans.”

Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services