In her letter, the Premier outlines her expectations that Albertans can save more of their hard-earned money to spend on their families and other priorities and tasks Minister Neudorf with:

  • Pushing back against any federal regulation requiring a net-zero power grid by 2035, and developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to achieve a carbon-neutral power grid by 2050 that is reliable, affordable, and utilizes small modular reactors, carbon capture, utilization and storage, and other emission-reduction technologies.

  • Reviewing the operations, policies, and mission of your agencies, including the Alberta Utilities Commission and the Alberta Electric System Operator, and recommending ways to improve their operations and align its mission with the government's goal of a carbon-neutral, reliable, and affordable power grid by 2050.

  • Reviewing Alberta’s electricity pricing system with the goal of reducing transmission and distribution costs for Albertans.

  • Addressing the cost of utilities for Albertans by exploring the potential phase out of the regulated rate option for electricity and otherwise protecting consumers from spikes in electricity and natural gas prices, while ensuring Albertans continue to have a competitive range of provider choices within those markets.

  • Working with the relevant ministries to address cost-of-living concerns for Albertans, with a specific focus on housing, utilities, food costs, and insurance.

  • Coordinating with the Minister of Treasury Board and Finance as lead, to work with stakeholders to review and provide short and long-term recommendations to make automobile and property insurance more affordable for Albertans.

  • Working with the Minister of Indigenous Relations, who is the lead, to review and make recommendations to accelerate the connection of First Nations and Metis Settlement communities to electricity, natural gas and internet services.

  • Working with the Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, who is the lead, to develop and implement an affordable home ownership and rental strategy that focuses on incentivizing the construction of new homes and rental units while removing barriers for prospective homeowners and renters.

  • Collaborating with the Minister of Energy and Minerals and Minister of Environment and Protected Areas to develop strategic alliances with other provinces to deal with issues such as climate policy, electricity policy and federal intrusions into provincial jurisdiction.

“Affordability continues to be at the top of mind for many Albertans. We need to build a utilities system that is reliable, dependable and affordable all while working to achieve our goal of carbon-neutrality by 2050. I look forward to working for Albertans to ensuring heating their homes and powering their lives remain affordable for generations to come.”

Nathan Neudorf, Minister of Affordability and Utilities