Alberta’s Cabinet is made up of talented and experienced leaders who will work to deliver on the priorities of Albertans. Parliamentary Secretaries play an important role in assisting Ministers in that work and will help achieve the government’s commitments by working with Albertans and partner organizations and businesses.

The new Parliamentary Secretaries are:

  • Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, Parliamentary Secretary for Settlement Services and Ukrainian Evacuees reporting to the Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism
  • Andrew Boitchenko, Parliamentary Secretary for Indigenous Relations, reporting to the Minister of Indigenous Relations
  • Chantelle de Jonge, Parliamentary Secretary for Affordability and Utilities, reporting to the Minister of Affordability and Utilities
  • Shane Getson, Parliamentary Secretary for Economic Corridor Development, reporting to the Minister of Intergovernmental Relations
  • Grant Hunter, Parliamentary Secretary for Agrifood Development, reporting to the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation
  • Martin Long, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Health, reporting to the Minister of Health
  • Scott Sinclair, Parliamentary Secretary for Indigenous Policing, reporting to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services
  • Tany Yao, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Northern Development, reporting to the Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade

“I’m so pleased these members have agreed to take on duties in addition to their regular MLA responsibilities. The work they will do is vital to ensuring that we can make real progress on initiatives in these ministries. Together, Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries will continue working to keep Alberta the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

The Premier has also named Ministers Mickey Amery and Dan Williams as Deputy House Leaders.