In her letter, the Premier outlines her expectations that Alberta continues to be an environmentally responsible and innovative leader in the energy sector and asks Minister Jean to deliver on a platform commitment to develop and implement an investment incentive program similar to the Alberta Petrochemicals Incentive Program for additional capital-intensive technologies related to the reduction of emissions. This includes carbon capture, utilization and storage, ammonia, helium, lithium, liquefied natural gas, geothermal and mineral development.

The Premier also tasks Minister Jean with:

  • In cooperation with the Minister of Intergovernmental Relations, defending Alberta’s energy interests against federal overreach and developing strategic alliances with other provinces to deal with energy-related issues.

  • Reviewing the findings of the Premier's panel on Alberta Energy Futures and recommending which recommendations of the panel should be implemented to strengthen Alberta's global competitiveness in the conventional, non-conventional and emerging energy sectors.

  • Continuing to facilitate and promote industry and provincial partnerships with Indigenous communities in the development and transport of Alberta’s energy resources.

  • Reviewing the policies, operations and mission of the Alberta Energy Regulator and making recommendations to streamline approvals and align policies with the government's goals of increased natural resource production, carbon neutrality by 2050, investment in emissions-reduction technologies and increased energy export.

  • Developing and improving regulatory regimes to incentivize investment in hydrogen, ammonia, helium, lithium, liquefied natural gas, small modular reactor, geothermal and mineral development in our province.

  • Coordinating with other provinces and the federal government to further explore and promote small and micro modular reactor technologies and pave the way for their use in oil sands operations and petrochemical production.

  • Working with the Alberta Energy Regulator to improve and modernize processes around the new Liability Management Framework, project approvals and transfer of well sites in a timely fashion.

  • Developing a strategy to effectively incentivize reclamation of inactive legacy oil and natural gas sites, and to enable future drilling while respecting the principle of polluter pay.

  • Coordinating with Environment and Protected Areas to implement the Emissions Reduction and Energy Development Plan.

  • Working with industry and relevant ministries to develop a pathway for implementing carbon-reducing technologies and liquefied natural gas export and credits to achieve carbon neutrality in Alberta's energy sector by 2050.

  • As lead, and working with the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas, to develop and implement a regulatory framework for small modular reactor technology use in Alberta.

  • As lead, and working with the Ministers of Justice and Environment and Protected Areas, to review the mission, policies and operations of the Canadian Energy Centre and make recommendations to align its work with the government's goals of 1) informing Canadians about the importance of the energy industry and its efforts to protect both Canadian prosperity and Canada’s environment; and 2) informing the world about the Alberta energy sector's world-class environmental standards.

  • Working with the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas, who is the lead, to develop a plan to improve reclamation certificate issuance.

  • Working with the Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade, assist in designing a ministry-specific job-attraction strategy to raise the awareness of young Albertans (aged 16 to 24) and adults changing careers, of the skilled trades and professions available in each economic sector, including pathways for education, apprenticeship and training.

“I feel honoured and privileged to serve Albertans as the first energy minister from Fort McMurray. We have a tremendous opportunity to set the trajectory for the future – through continued innovation and technology. I look forward to working with Premier Danielle Smith, my caucus colleagues and our industry players to best serve the people of Alberta. Let’s get to work!”

Brian Jean, Minister of Energy and Minerals