Cabinet policy committees are vital to the work of government and contribute to reviewing policy decisions, setting long-range strategic priorities and contributing to proposals and reviews of legislation and regulation.

“I want to thank the cabinet ministers and MLAs who are stepping up to take on this important work on behalf of all Albertans. As we continue to hear from Albertans and Alberta organizations and businesses, it’s critical that we have robust conversations throughout the process. Each committee member brings a mix of experience and new perspectives to find solutions to our province’s immediate priorities, including growing and diversifying our economy, building safe, strong communities, and defending Alberta’s interests.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

Cabinet policy committees

Alberta First

Chair: Garth Rowswell
Private member: Chantelle de Jonge
Private member: Shane Getson
Private member: Grant Hunter
Private member: Jason Stephan
Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Relations: Danielle Smith
Minister of Affordability and Utilities: Nathan Neudorf
Minister of Energy and Minerals: Brian Jean
Minister of Environment and Protected Areas: Rebecca Schulz
Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade: Matt Jones
Minister of Justice: Mickey Amery
President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance: Nate Horner

Building Communities

Chair: Martin Long
Private member: Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk
Private member: Andrew Boitchenko
Private member: Eric Bouchard
Private member: Scott Cyr
Minister of Advanced Education: Rajan Sawhney
Minister of Education: Demetrios Nicolaides
Minister of Infrastructure: Pete Guthrie
Minister of Municipal Affairs: Ric McIver
Minister of Tourism and Sport: Joseph Schow
Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors: Devin Dreeshen

Economic Diversification

Chair: Jackie Lovely
Private member: Nolan Dyck
Private member: Myles McDougall
Private member: Glenn van Dijken
Private member: Ron Wiebe
Private member: Justin Wright
Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation: RJ Sigurdson
Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women: Tanya Fir
Minister of Forestry and Parks: Todd Loewen
Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism: Muhammad Yaseen
Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction: Dale Nally
Minister of Technology and Innovation: Nate Glubish

Public Safety and Wellness

Chair: Scott Sinclair
Private member: Brandon Lunty
Private member: Chelsae Petrovic
Private member: Angela Pitt
Private member: Peter Singh
Private member: Tany Yao
Minister of Children and Family Services: Searle Turton
Minister of Health: Adriana LaGrange
Minister of Indigenous Relations: Rick Wilson
Minister of Mental Health and Addiction: Dan Williams
Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services: Mike Ellis
Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services: Jason Nixon

Legislative Review Committee

Chair: Jason Stephan
Private member: Nolan Dyck
Private member: Myles McDougall
Minister of Energy and Minerals: Brian Jean
Minister of Justice: Mickey Amery