“Alberta’s government is pleased to welcome all newcomers to Alberta from other provinces and around the world. Our beautiful province has opportunities for everyone, including diverse jobs, lower taxes, higher earnings, a strong economy and exceptional, high-quality lifestyles. Alberta is calling, and we are drawing people here to grow a business, build a career and raise a family.

“To keep up with job creation in the province, Alberta’s government remains focused on attracting even more people to come to Alberta to live and work. The highly successful summer 2022 Alberta is Calling campaign targeted Canadians from Vancouver and Toronto. In spring 2023, the campaign expanded to Atlantic Canada and other parts of Ontario, and we expect more Canadians to call our province home and experience our liveable cities, diversified economy, natural beauty and many opportunities.

“Between January and March, 15,786 Canadians chose to make their home in Alberta and they were joined by 35,932 people moving here from around the world.

“Our government is focused on ensuring Alberta remains the economic engine of Canada for years to come. A strong economy and an environment for good paying jobs will continue to attract people to Alberta – the best place to live, work and raise a family.