The charges are related to allegedly providing false and misleading information, providing functions of a third-party assurance provider without the required qualifications, and failing to comply with the rules and requirements set out in the Standard for Validation, Verification and Audit.

Charges under the Emissions Management and Climate Resilience Act (EMCRA) and the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Regulation (TIER) were laid on May 3.

The parties are facing 25 charges:

  • 2 charges under the EMCRA

  • 23 charges under TIER

The next court date is currently scheduled for June 29, in the Alberta Court of Justice, Calgary.

Quick facts

  • Large facilities that emit 100,000 tonnes or more per year of carbon dioxide equivalent are regulated under TIER. This includes oil and gas, landfills and food processing.

  • Third-party verification of the TIER system is a critical part of the process to avoid errors.