“Alberta’s government is honoured to recognize Indigenous Peoples in Alberta and pay tribute to their achievements and celebrate their cultural and historical contributions to our province. 

"On this day in 1899, Treaty 8 was signed in what is now northern Alberta – the largest land treaty in Canada. Alberta’s government respects the First Nations’ treaty relationship with the Crown, and we are proud of the government-to-government relationship we share today.

“June 21 is also summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Many Indigenous societies throughout history gathered on this day to conduct traditional rituals of prayer and celebrations. Today, we gather with loved ones to enjoy food and traditional activities.

“We celebrate the vibrant, diverse and spiritual cultures that Indigenous Peoples hold dear. So, today and all summer, try and take in a performance in a nearby city or town, visit a museum, watch a movie or listen to a podcast or song celebrating Indigenous culture.

“Every effort made, big or small, to learn more about Indigenous Peoples and their culture is a chance to reflect on reconciliation. May we take this day to recognize Indigenous achievements and learn more about the incredible history of Indigenous Peoples across Alberta.”