“Alberta is proud to congratulate Their Majesties on their coronation this day at Westminster Abbey in London, U.K., after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, our beloved late Queen and the King’s cherished mother.

“The coronation is a triumph of optimism and hope, and a source of inspiration and pride for Albertans, Canadians and people around the world.

“Alberta has a long and lasting relationship with His Majesty since his first visit to our province as the Prince of Wales in 1977 when he commemorated Treaty 7 in a First Nations ceremony and attended the Calgary Stampede. He was here again in 1983 to open the Universiade games in Edmonton.

“Loyal Albertans look forward to a continuing positive relationship with His Majesty as King of Canada, and in whose name the Alberta government performs its duties.

“We wish His Majesty and Her Majesty every happiness and success. They will be a continuing source of inspiration for the people of Alberta, and an example of a life devoted to public service.

“Long live the King.”