Since its founding in 1905, Alberta has been home to diverse ethnicities, languages and traditions.

The Cultural Heritage Initiatives Grant is meant to increase community and public access to this history by helping non-profit organizations document and showcase their communities’ cultural heritage with an emphasis on historically underrepresented parts of Alberta's story.

“Alberta is a land of opportunity, made stronger by each of those who have chosen to call our province home. It's important for Indigenous and ethnocultural communities to be able to share their histories and stories with their children and all Albertans. I'm looking forward to how these grants will help us all become more understanding and united.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

“Indigenous and ethnocultural communities inspire us with their stories of strength, resilience and steadfast commitment to overcoming obstacles. This grant provides an important opportunity to document and tell these stories to Albertans so we can all learn how their experiences and achievements have shaped, and continue to shape, our province.”

Jason Luan, Minister of Culture

The grant provides up to $25,000 per project on a matching basis. An applicant must contribute to the project with an amount that at least equals the grant provided. Organizations with demonstrated financial need can request a non-matching grant up to $10,000.

“Respecting and remembering our ancestors is an essential aspect of our Chinese cultural values. Their wisdom and sacrifices have paved the way for the lives we lead today. We are excited about this new grant program as it offers us the opportunity to honor and uphold their legacy by promoting preservation and appreciation and understanding of our heritage, ensuring their stories continue to inspire and guide us.”

Mei Hung, President, Chinese Benevolent Association, Edmonton

“First Nations have long relied on the wisdom and knowledge passed down through generations by means of oral histories, traditional practices, and sacred ceremonies. We, at Siksika Nation are dedicated to ensuring that these invaluable treasures are not lost in fragments of time. The Cultural Heritage Initiatives Grant can help us safeguard our rich heritage for future generations, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our unique cultural identity.”

Blackfoot Elder Clarence Wolfleg, Miiksika'am

Eligible non-profit organizations can apply for the Cultural Heritage Initiatives Grant for projects that:

  • support the development, documentation or digitization of stories, histories and cultural practices of Alberta-based ethnocultural or Indigenous communities. 
  • publicly share the information, as appropriate, through a variety of media.
  • increase public access, as appropriate, of already developed, documented or digitized historical or heritage projects of Indigenous and ethnocultural communities.  

There will be three application intakes each year – on Jan.15, May 15 and Sept. 15 – with the first intake for this year on Sept. 15.