“From the beginning, it has been evident that the federal government’s initiatives on firearms have had nothing to do with public safety. This proposed confiscation program is no exception. At a time when crime rates are skyrocketing across the country, the federal government has chosen to target firearms used for hunting and sport shooting, instead of firearms used for illegal purposes.

“The federal government’s buyback proposal will have severe social and economic consequences in a Canadian industry that has provided thousands of well-paid jobs for decades. Jobs that grow the economy. Jobs that support farmers, hunters and collectors. Jobs that support families.

“In May 2020, the federal government froze millions of dollars worth of inventory belonging to firearms businesses. The subsequent freeze on handgun transfers and proposals to ban almost all modern and many traditionally styled hunting and sporting firearms has deprived them of their most saleable products. Combine this with supply chain issues, and the federal government has made it difficult for firearms businesses to get the few products they were still allowed to sell.

“Federal attacks on this industry are forcing its members to sell their frozen inventory to the federal government for a fraction of its true value. These entrepreneurs established their businesses to safely provide the firearms community with the equipment it needs to continue the long, honourable tradition of firearms ownership in communities large and small across this great country. They should not be forced to get rid of their property at massive expense to Canadian taxpayers.

“Alberta continues to call on the federal government to reverse its punitive measures against the firearms community and allow businesses to sell their inventory to carefully vetted Canadians.”