The total budget, including investment from Budget 2023, to redevelop space within Rockyview General Hospital to address overcapacity challenges within the existing intensive care unit (ICU) and coronary care unit (CCU), as well as increase space within the gastro-intestinal (GI) clinic, is $84 million. Construction on the ICU, CCU and GI clinic is expected to be complete by spring 2024.

“We are proud to be a part of this crucial redevelopment. The Rockyview General Hospital has an integral role in health care in Calgary and investing in these redevelopments will provide more economic opportunities for Albertans while building a stronger, healthier community.”

Nathan Neudorf, Minister of Infrastructure

“We are committed to investing in a stronger, more accessible health care system. The redevelopment of Rockyview General Hospital will allow Albertans to access the best health care possible where and when they need it the most. Rockyview’s location makes it an ideal place for Albertans from both Calgary and southwestern Alberta to have this specialized health care closer to home.”

Jason Copping, Minister of Health

The redevelopment of the ICU and CCU will provide better access for patients requiring critical care, particularly those with serious heart conditions. As part of this redevelopment, the current integrated ICU/CCU that has 17 total beds will be relocated to a purpose-built and updated space that will accommodate an increase to 25 critical care beds, including 13 in the ICU and 12 in the CCU.

The GI clinic redevelopment will increase its existing procedure rooms, post-procedure recovery spaces and upgrades to equipment. This redevelopment will increase the existing procedure rooms from four to five, will increase education space and will provide an increase to 21 bays from 12 for post-procedure recovery.

“This is a significant investment that is an important part of helping our patients stay well. These projects will help to improve patient care and increase capacity. The extra capacity is crucial to manage sudden increases in demands, as well as the day-to-day needs when demand is normal.”

Mauro Chies, president and chief executive officer, Alberta Health Services

The total budget for these redevelopments is $84 million, including $10 million committed by the Calgary Health Foundation, and includes equipment upgrades and expansion of the GI clinic.

Quick facts

  • The space that is being redeveloped at the Rockyview General Hospital for the ICU and CCU was purposefully built in 2010 for future development and expansion.