“Today, the Council of the Federation met with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police to discuss public safety, policing and bail reform.

“The primary duty of all governments is to protect its citizens and ensure their safety. Today, the Council of the Federation, comprised of the 13 Premiers from the provinces and territories, held a productive meeting with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

“Canada’s provincial and territorial leaders are united in our commitment to public safety and support for the officers who continue to protect and serve our communities.

“The council is also among the many voices across the country that are growing louder in demanding reform of Canada’s catch-and-release bail system. The federal government’s revolving door policies are hurting our communities, and in the coming days the Premiers will be writing a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to address issues related to violent and repeat offenders. Crime rates and incidents of violence across the country are extremely alarming and we are all committed to ensuring Canadians feel safe on their streets, in their homes and in their communities.”