“Opportunities in our province continue to grow and more Albertans are finding good jobs and taking home regular paycheques. It is very encouraging to see that even as more and more people choose Alberta, they are finding meaningful work. In March, nearly 14,000 found work, including more than 10,000 in new full-time positions.

“We know that Alberta is a land of opportunity with a Renewed Alberta Advantage that is helping to attract investment, diversify our economy and create jobs. The policies our government has been relentlessly pursuing mean that job creators, entrepreneurs and skilled workers have a home here and can succeed. That is why nearly 500,000 more Albertans are working today than were working in May 2020.

“Our Alberta is Calling campaign has been incredibly successful at making sure Canadians know about the many benefits available in our province and we are working hard to ensure that those benefits continue long into the future.

“Our low taxes mean that Albertans can take home more of their regular pay from paycheques that are already the highest in the country. Our red tape reduction means that job creators and entrepreneurs can more seamlessly do the work needed to help grow our economy. Programs like the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program mean that more people from around the world can come here to join us in continuing to build up the province we love. And programs like our Film and Television Tax Credit and our Investment and Growth Fund are helping to attract investment and jobs in an increasingly diversified economy.

“We are on the right track, and we are committed to continuing the work of our grandparents and great-grandparents who built this province into what it is today. And we are committed to further diversification so that there are more opportunities for everyone so they can support their families and pursue their dreams.”