Since January, nearly 1.2 million Albertans have enrolled in and have been receiving up to $600 in affordability relief payments to help with rising costs. This includes Albertans receiving monthly benefits through AISH, Income Support, Alberta Seniors Benefit or services through Persons with Developmental Disabilities.

To ensure that affordability support is going to those who need it most, about 25,000 Albertans enrolled in the Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPPD) benefit who are not already receiving affordability payments through other eligible core support programs will soon receive their affordability relief payment. The payments will start being delivered in late April and May.

“We know that many Albertans living with a disability, especially those on fixed or limited incomes, are facing particular hardship under inflationary pressures. We are expanding the affordability payment program to ensure critical cost-of-living supports are reaching those who need it most.”

Matt Jones, Minister of Affordability and Utilities

“Throughout Alberta’s disability community, I have heard the need for more access to supports, and that is what we are doing. Our government is committed to helping Albertans, especially those living on fixed incomes. This action is providing the compassionate support that individuals desperately need.”

Jeremy Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services

In the coming weeks, eligible CPPD recipients will receive payments automatically – no application necessary – with one-time cheques up to $600 mailed directly to them.

The lump-sum cheques will cover the months between January and June 2023, providing payments for the duration of the affordability payment program.

“As an Albertan living with a disability, and as a recipient of CPP-Disability supports, it is nice to see the provincial government listening to our advocacy and adapting this program for those that need it.”

Zinovia McQuitty, CPPD recipient

“Alberta’s government continues to show that they are listening to the needs of the disability community. Working with the government through Minister Nixon has been an uplifting experience for every disability worker and the individuals benefiting from these supports.”

Dale Cena, founder, Alberta Disability Awareness in Action

Alberta’s economy has recovered strongly but some Albertans struggle to heat their homes and feed their families. Alberta’s Affordability Action Plan is providing broad-based relief to Alberta households, including additional targeted relief for parents, seniors and vulnerable Albertans. This includes millions of affordability payments for families, seniors and vulnerable Albertans, re-indexing core support programs, providing support to food banks and other community groups, and more funding for low-income transit pass programs. It also includes suspending the provincial fuel tax, resuming indexation of income tax, and up to $500 in electricity rebates to 1.9 million families, farms and small businesses. 

Quick facts

  • CPPD beneficiaries are under 65, mainly low income, and experience severe and prolonged disability.
  • There are an estimated 41,000 CPPD recipients in Alberta. Approximately 25,000 were not previously eligible for the affordability payment program under other criteria.
  • To be eligible for a lump sum affordability payment, CPPD recipients must have a total adjusted household income in 2021 of less than $180,000.
  • Alberta’s government will use data from the Canadian Revenue Agency to identify and enrol eligible CPPD recipients for payments.
  • To find out if they are eligible, CPPD recipients can contact the Alberta affordability program contact centre at 1-844-644-9955
  • Alberta’s Affordability Action Plan includes monthly affordability payments of up to $600 over six months to families with children under 18, seniors and Albertans on AISH, Income Support and PDD.
    • As of March 31, 1,198,956 Albertans are receiving payments, either through automatic enrolment or successfully applying online.
      • Total number of Albertans enrolled automatically (AISH, IS, PDD, ASB): 295,278
      • Total dollars delivered to Albertans as of March 31: $348,490,550
    • Eligible Albertans have until June 30 to apply and will receive retroactive payments for the months they were eligible.
    • Eligible Albertans can apply through an online portal or at any registry agent or Alberta Supports office.