“There is no question that Alberta is leading the way on reducing emissions through avenues like LNG, hydrogen and carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS). I am more optimistic than ever about Alberta’s energy future, and that we must continue to lead the way in responsible energy production.

“Earlier this month, I attended CERAWeek, one of the premier energy conferences in the world. I met with industry leaders, energy experts and decision makers to encourage them to invest in Alberta. Discussions included working toward a continental energy alliance built around improving energy security and reducing global emissions.

“Globally, we are miles ahead of many jurisdictions. People were amazed by Alberta’s progress in methane reduction, the success in CCUS, hydrogen development and other emissions-reducing technologies. It’s clear that Alberta is not only on the right path but is leading the way in innovation.

“In March, I was also honoured to attend the Indian Resource Council (IRC) 2023 Energy and Economic Reconciliation Conference. Indigenous communities have key roles as both owners and partners in major development projects in the energy sector. In the coming years, I see huge potential for Indigenous involvement and prosperity in not only oil and gas but also critical minerals and other sectors, which will benefit all Albertans and create jobs throughout our province.

“No matter where I go or who I meet with, I make sure to share that Alberta’s energy industry has decades of expertise in energy production, regulatory excellence, clean technology and innovation. We continue to lead the way through technological development including CCUS, hydrogen production, critical minerals and petrochemicals.

“Industry’s ability to develop resources responsibly positions this province and the country to expand our role as a global supplier and first choice in meeting the world’s energy needs. This will benefit Albertans and Canadians as we secure a strong energy future.”