“We are continuing to analyze the federal budget closely to determine its impacts on Alberta and Albertans.

“We are encouraged to see more detail on the previously announced hydrogen investment tax credit. We will be working to understand how it will affect the overall competitiveness of the hydrogen industry here in Alberta.

“While the budget does acknowledge the federal government’s burdensome environmental impact assessment process, there’s nothing in this budget that will fundamentally change the narrative on business investment that’s been stagnant since 2015.

“We are concerned by the level of spending and lack of fiscal responsibility exhibited in this budget and its contribution to the country’s already worrisome debt levels. This is a budget that will encumber Canadians and Albertans with a doubling of debt servicing costs over the course of the fiscal plan.

“We are disappointed that the federal government did not include a path to balance. This is contrary to their recent claims that the budget would represent a fiscally responsible plan.”