“New population estimates show that Alberta continues to attract people from across Canada and around the world. Alberta’s allure is not hard to see.

“Our lower cost of living, affordable housing, abundant jobs, higher earnings and lower taxes are attracting newcomers from all over the country and abroad. Combined with our commitment to fiscal responsibility, job creation and investment attraction, we know that Alberta will remain the economic engine of Canada.”

Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

“Alberta is calling – and many are answering the call. Our province continues to welcome people to experience the Renewed Alberta Advantage – being part of a highly skilled workforce with an affordable, exceptional lifestyle. More than 45,000 people moved to Alberta from other parts of Canada in 2022. Two-thirds of our net interprovincial migration occurred after the launch of the Alberta is Calling campaign in August.

“More than 4.6 million people now call Alberta home. Thanks to Alberta’s growing population, employers are making progress towards filling vacant full-time positions as workers migrate to Alberta to find good-paying jobs with higher wages than the rest of the country.”

Brian Jean, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development