“With the lowest year-over-year inflation growth in the country in February, Statistics Canada’s latest consumer price index numbers show that Alberta continues to lead when it comes to fighting inflation and making life more affordable.

“Measures like the electricity rebates and fuel tax relief are contributing directly to reduced inflation in our province. Targeted supports, including $600 in Affordability Payments for parents, seniors, and vulnerable Albertans, are helping them pay their bills and save money for what matters most.

“By keeping Alberta affordable, we ensure that Alberta remains the best place to live, work and raise a family for generations to come”.

Matt Jones, Minister of Affordability and Utilities

“I am very encouraged by today’s inflation numbers. By taking timely, effective action we have and will continue to reduce costs and make life more affordable in Alberta.

“Along with our significant tax advantage, Albertans and Alberta businesses will continue to benefit from our lower cost of living and these numbers mark a significant step in the right direction. Compared to the next lowest taxed province, Alberta has a $20 billion tax advantage.

“Supported by a forward-looking budget that secures Alberta’s future, we expect Alberta will continue to lead the nation in economic growth.”

Travis Toews, Minister of Finance and President of Treasury Board