Following dozens of complaints from Chestermere residents, including current and former members of city council and administration, the minister of Municipal Affairs directed the department to undertake a preliminary review to determine whether the concerns merited a formal inspection.

A formal, independent inspection was conducted and the 12 directives from the minister are based on and supported by the findings of the inspection report. They have clear deliverables and timelines with which Chestermere council and administration must comply.

“Having reviewed the inspection report and the feedback from all members of Chestermere city council and administration, I consider Chestermere to be managed in an irregular, improper and improvident manner. Albertans expect their municipalities to behave responsibly and for local decision-making and service delivery to reflect the interests and needs of the community. The residents of Chestermere should be able to expect good governance from their council, and I hope council will address these issues identified in the report and follow the directives I’ve set out.”

Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Municipal Affairs

The directives are available on the Alberta government website. If they are not implemented to the satisfaction of the minister, further orders may be issued, potentially including removing members of council and/or a chief administrative officer.

An official administrator will remain in place to oversee the City of Chestermere and support implementing the directives until at least the end of the 2023 calendar year.

Quick facts

  • A municipal inspection may be ordered by the minister of Municipal Affairs under the Municipal Government Act (section 571).

  • The minister may order an inspection:

    • in response to a request by the municipality’s council

    • in response to a sufficient petition

    • on the minister’s initiative (typically only where serious concerns are brought to the minister’s attention)

  • Municipal inspections are rare and not undertaken lightly. Inspections have an established process and adhere to the principles of procedural fairness for all parties.

  • The Chestermere municipal inspection was conducted over 17 weeks and collected information from a wide variety of sources, including:

    • city documents, including audit reports, strategic plans, position descriptions and other relevant documents

    • council meeting minutes as well as videos of council and committee meetings

    • individual interviews with all members of council and senior administration

  • interviews with a variety of former city employees and members of the public