Expanding opportunities for young Albertans

Jeremy Nixon, minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, is joined by staff and workers from Technology North.

In Alberta, everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed. That’s why Alberta’s government has partnered with the Technology North Corporation and provided them with nearly $500,000 as they support young Albertans living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This funding is being used to launch a pilot program to provide youth living with ASD training and work experience, which will prepare them for successful futures.

“Alberta’s government is extremely proud to be supporting organizations that increase opportunities for everyone. Individuals with disabilities bring great value to Alberta’s economy and its success. We are glad to be partners with Technology North as they help set young Albertans on a path towards bright futures.”

Jeremy Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services

With funding made available through Alberta at Work grants, Alberta’s government is meeting needs of Albertans, especially those living with ASD. The pilot project made possible through this funding is strengthening Alberta’s digital workforce with training in junior software testing, document digitization, and data management.

Interested Albertans will be able to sign up for the program through a combination of social media outreach and referrals from other service providers. This will help connect Albertans with ASD to work and training that is relevant, interesting, and appropriate for them, while also supporting Alberta employers who are looking to recruit and retain staff.

“We are proud to be partnered with Alberta’s government in offering those afflicted with autism spectrum disorder with inclusive, meaningful, and sustainable employment. These programs are helping so many young individuals develop the self-confidence they need to enjoy successful futures.”

Ling Huang, President & CEO, Technology North

“Working here with job coaches and teammates helped me develop my confidence. I felt productive and contributed to society.”

Brian Huang, Junior IT Technician, Technology North

To ensure the program is successful and open up possibilities for long term employment, the eight-to-16 week course will pair clients with qualified mentors and job coaches who will help make the most of the training.

Alberta’s government is committed to working with service providers in communities across the province to improve access to employment supports for all Albertans.

Quick facts

  • Alberta at Work is a three-year initiative that aims to support access to training and career development opportunities while helping Albertans re-enter the workforce. Funding is invested directly to help Albertans connect with and sustain employment.

  • Technology North is an Information Technology (IT) Services company located in Edmonton that promotes technology products aimed at connecting young adults affected by autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities.