“Alberta’s government continues to set the foundation for job creation – building a business environment that promotes investment and economic growth. Employment in the province is expected to grow at a solid pace this year. Building off strong job growth in January, almost 11,000 more Albertans had full-time jobs in February. With nearly two million people employed full time, more Albertans have full-time jobs today than at any point in Alberta’s history.

“Employers are making progress filling vacant full-time positions as workers migrate to Alberta to find good-paying jobs with higher wages than the rest of the country. 

“Budget 2023 keeps a strong focus on job creation, investment attraction and economic diversification, setting the stage for Alberta to remain Canada’s economic engine for years to come.

“Alberta is already leading by example when it comes to economic growth and diversification, and continues to drive more investment, more job creation, more population growth and more opportunities for Albertans. February’s numbers, paired with Budget 2023, are further proof that Alberta is open for business.”