The government is continuing to build a comprehensive recovery-oriented system of care for mental health. With the opening of The Summit: Marian & Jim Sinneave Centre for Youth Resilience on March 13, up to 8,000 children, youth and their families will receive high-quality care in Calgary.

If Budget 2023 is passed, The Summit will receive $10 million annually from Alberta’s government to deliver a range of treatment and intervention services to children and youth experiencing mental health challenges.

“Many mental health challenges begin at a young age, and children and youth in Alberta deserve the very best care. We’re proud to support much-needed services for young Albertans, delivered right in the community. This is one more step in building comprehensive recovery-oriented systems of care in Alberta.”

Nicholas Milliken, Minister of Mental Health and Addiction

“Just as physical health issues rely on experts to fix and heal, mental health challenges require the specialized skills of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. The urgent and intensive care The Summit will offer provides children and teens with expertise, and in an environment tailored for them to succeed.”

Jason Copping, Minister of Health

The new centre was built by Alberta Health Services (AHS) in partnership with the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation (ACHF) through their fundraising efforts and the generosity of their donors, including the Sinneave family. The ACHF raised more than $50 million to fund construction, program enhancements and research activities.

The Summit will provide young people with new and enhanced mental health services, all in one place, augmenting and integrating existing services provided by AHS and community-based partner agencies. In partnership with AHS and the University of Calgary, it will be one of the most research-intensive community-based mental health facilities for young people in Canada.

“All of us should be treating mental wellness as we would physical health. People being challenged by mental health issues is a natural part of life, and we need to come together as a community and as partners to openly help individuals and families. This facility exemplifies that and will help more Albertans get the care they need, when they need it.”

Dr. John Cowell, official administrator, Alberta Health Services

Empowering physicians with mental health training

Early treatment of mental health issues in children and youth is crucial, as it can help prevent more serious issues from occurring later in life. Family physicians often serve on the front lines of youth mental health care, and Budget 2023 provides $1.5 million for increased training for physicians through the Canadian Research and Education for the Advancement of Child Health (CanREACH). CanREACH is an innovative program that helps physicians build the skills needed to assess and treat children with mental health and behavioural issues.  

Alberta’s government is continuing to build a recovery-oriented system of care, where everyone struggling with addiction and mental health challenges is supported in their pursuit of recovery. This includes dramatically increasing access to mental wellness and clinical supports for children and youth, including the creation of new mental health classrooms, access to digital supports like 211 Alberta and Kids Help Phone, and establishing youth mental health hubs across the province.

Budget 2023 secures Alberta’s future by transforming the health-care system to meet people’s needs, supporting Albertans with the high cost of living, keeping our communities safe and driving the economy with more jobs, quality education and continued diversification.

Quick facts

  • Of the $10 million provided annually for operating funding for The Summit:
    • $3 million annually will be funded through a grant from Alberta Mental Health and Addiction.
    • The remainder of the funds will stem from Alberta Health funding for AHS.
  • The Summit will be operated by AHS and will provide mental health services to Albertans 18 years old and under, including no-cost therapy sessions, day hospital services, and services to manage acute and escalating mental health symptoms.
  • Budget 2023 would also provide $1.5 million over three years to support CanREACH training for physicians. CanREACH is a mini-fellowship accredited with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  • Through Budget 2023, more than $45 million has been allocated for child and youth mental health initiatives in 2023-24, including mental health classrooms and Kids Help Phone.
    • Budget 2023 has allocated $2.4 million in 2023-24 to Kids Help Phone for children and youth to access professional counselling and crisis services.
  • Albertans of all ages can access mental health support by contacting 211 Alberta for information on services available in their community.