“Despite some difficult years, we have fulfilled the promise we made to Albertans three and a half years ago to put our province back on track and get our fiscal house back in order. We have set Alberta up for tremendous success, creating the best environment in the country to live, work and raise a family. That is why we are moving forward with more important legislation this spring to ensure Alberta stays the most attractive place to do business, find meaningful work, live and raise a family.”

Joseph Schow, Government House Leader

Proposed bills to be introduced this session include:

  • Bill 8 – the Alberta Firearms Act, which would protect firearms owners from the federal firearms confiscation program and establish a provincial firearms regulatory system that will promote the safe and responsible use of firearms.
  • Bill 9 – the Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act is intended to reduce red tape across multiple ministries, saving Albertans, businesses and government time and money. Examples include:
    •  Amendments to legislation to suspend social assistance benefits to prolific violent offenders with active warrants and to use said information to aid law enforcement to track down offenders who are evading capture.
    • Amendments to the Trespass to Premises Act and Petty Trespass Act in order to prevent the entry of federal government employees onto private land.
    • Amendments to the Workers' Compensation Act would enhance presumptive Workers' Compensation Board coverage for firefighters involved in the Fort McMurray wildfire.
    • Amendments to the Land Titles Act to enable the use of electronic signatures in the Land Titles Registry.
  • Bill 10 – the Financial Statutes Amendment Act would make the necessary legislative changes in order to implement various elements of Budget 2023. Examples include:
    • Amendments to the Heritage Savings Trust Fund Act to allow the fund to retain more than just CPI.
    • Amendments to the Alberta Personal Income Tax Act to resume full indexation of the personal income tax system.
    • Amendments to the Alberta Personal Income Tax (Charitable and Other Gifts) Amendment Act in order for the legislation to come into force effective Jan. 1, 2023.
    • Alberta’s agriculture sector would be supported through a proposed five-year value-added agriculture capital investment tax-credit program to provide 12 per cent on eligible capital investment for capital expenditures over $10 million in value-added agricultural processing.
    • Amendments to the Fiscal Planning and Transparency Act, to set the long-term process for debt repayment, savings policies, requirements for balancing budgets and public reporting.

The Alberta legislature reconvened on Feb. 28 with the tabling of Budget 2023. With a surplus of $2.4 billion in 2023-24, Budget 2023 provides the opportunity for Alberta’s government to invest in Alberta’s future, providing security for Alberta families and communities.