“Energy security matters now more than ever. This month, I had the opportunity to travel to Norway and Germany to promote Alberta as the world’s best choice for a reliable, responsible energy supplier.

“Over 10 days, I met with industry and global leaders to discuss Alberta’s energy sector and the global energy demand. There is no question that Canada’s allies and international partners see a clear place for cleaner fuels like LNG and hydrogen, along with technologies like carbon capture, as we all work to reduce global emissions.

“Countries around the world are seeking energy security and reliability – and they want Alberta’s help. Our largest producers are targeting net neutral by 2050, two decades ahead of India’s aim to reach net neutral by 2070. Yet at the same time, coal consumption and emissions are rising globally. Alberta’s lower-emitting LNG is ready to replace and help with the global greenhouse gas (GHG) challenge.

“Innovation is the key to a lower-emission future. In Norway, many jurisdictions sought us out to learn from Alberta’s leadership in carbon capture, having already stored 10 million tonnes safely underground and invested or committed $1.8 billion to support CCUS-related projects and programs. Because of our province’s established oil and gas sector and skilled workforce, we are well-positioned to develop lower-emission energy sources and clean technologies to meet growing global energy demand.

“The message I heard in Norway and Germany was crystal clear: the world wants to cut global emissions and partners want energy that is secure, reliable and affordable. We do not need to choose between those options. Alberta is clearly the best choice.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to promote our thriving energy sector to our counterparts in Germany and Norway, and I look forward to continue working with our industry partners to create the conditions needed to produce and safely transport affordable, reliable and responsible Canadian energy to the markets that need it the most.”