“I want to thank the auditor general for his recommendations on how we can strengthen the continuing care system and improve providing care to seniors.  

“The Seniors Care in Long-term Care report examines the progress made by Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services on previous auditor general recommendations to improve the care that residents receive in long-term care, and it identifies new recommendations for action such as public reporting on performance measures and outcomes of the long-term care system.

“As outlined in my mandate letter from the Premier, improving care for seniors is a top priority and we will continue our efforts to make improvements in this area.

“The COVID-19 in Continuing Care Facilities report is a retrospective audit of the actions taken by the health system during the first and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic from March to December 2020 and identifies recommended actions to strengthen pandemic and outbreak protocols in publicly funded continuing care homes.

“The report highlights the adaptability and resiliency of individuals and groups at all levels of the continuing care system to respond to changing circumstances through the pandemic. I want to thank everyone for their dedication and their incredible efforts during this unprecedented time.

“These improvements have relevance and provide benefits far beyond the COVID-19 response, including helping the continuing care system to be better prepared for future pandemics and other smaller communicable disease outbreaks such as seasonal influenza.

“Alberta’s government is already working to address the concerns listed in the report, like enhancing infection control measures. Budget 2023, if passed, would also provide for additional action on the recommendations from the auditor general’s report.

“The government has accepted all of the auditor general’s recommendations identified in both reports, and we are committed to undertaking this important work for the benefit of all Albertans.”