“Alberta’s economy is raising the bar for job creation. Our government’s strong fiscal policies are building a climate where more businesses can thrive. January’s numbers continue to demonstrate Alberta’s strong economic momentum.

“Last month, 20,600 new jobs were created, which is excellent news for Albertans looking for work. Alberta continues to attract more skilled workers to help fill vacancies in our diversified economy. Most of this job growth is coming from the private and services-producing sectors, including wholesale and retail trade, and professional, scientific and technical services. With the highest weekly earnings of all provinces, relatively affordable housing, and low taxes, Albertans are a step ahead when it comes to investing for their futures and building rewarding careers.

“We are seeing new jobs and we are also seeing more new businesses as Alberta’s good economic news continues. In January 2023, the number of new businesses incorporated in Alberta had risen by 8.5 per cent, compared to the previous year. Our population and labour force is growing as people are moving to Alberta in record numbers, helping fill jobs and diversify our markets. Our province is seeing great results as we work to further diversify the economy, and all Albertans are benefiting from the results of our sound fiscal management and business-friendly policies.

“Alberta is welcoming skilled workers from around Canada and the world to experience the Renewed Alberta Advantage. Thousands of people are already choosing Alberta in record numbers and we lead Canada in population growth.

“As our province continues to grow, our government remains committed to keeping Alberta affordable, and has responded to the challenges of rising costs with a targeted inflation relief package that helps the most vulnerable. As we work to support Albertans, we are seeing the positive results of our strong fiscal policy. High wages, a growing economy, and exceptional quality of life reaffirm Alberta as a province where businesses, workers, and their families can thrive.”